1 Month Postpartum

I can’t believe my baby girl is a whole month old today! I am starting to feel like I’m coming out of the fog… I’m still dancing around with my vision clouded but things are becoming clearer. I love her more and more everyday even though I often cry when she cries. LOL I swear it’s getting better but the first two weeks were like treading water in the ocean after being tossed off a ship into frigid ice water.

Baby Girl


She is a whopping 12 lbs! We went to the doctor for an array of things I thought were wrong with her (none of which turned out to be anything) and there was a two month old baby there who weighed the same! The baby had the softest most gentle cry and my doctor came out saying that he was a screamer. HA! You want to hear screaming, listen to my child for a millisecond… that is NO JOKE!

Sleep Habits/Patterns

Absolutely none! She sleeps whenever she likes. Her longest stretch was a lucky 4 hours. The thing we said we wouldn’t do is of course one of the things we are doing. The night we brought her home she ‘slept’ in the bassinet. Let me just say that none of us got any sleep that night.  The next night she moved into our bed and that is where she has been camped out ever since. She sleeps a little better here and thus so do I. Now that she is a month old, we want to try getting a routine in place… it’s been hard. I’m so exhausted that when she wakes up crying, so do I! I keep hearing it will get better so I’m just waiting for that moment.

Mommy Brags/Skills and Talents 

If you put her on her tummy, she can scoot across her mat or the floor. I love it, she hates it. It makes me so proud because she’s so strong. I know she isn’t moving with any purpose yet but the fact that she has the strength to do it makes my heart sing. It is our first party trick.

She has had a strong command of her head since birth so I’m not surprised that she can lift and turn her head for longish periods of time.


In the hospital we thought we had a mellow baby. She was fairly content a lot of the time but I think she was just taking in her surroundings. Once she realized she was stuck with us she went a little Diva on us (are any of you really surprised?). She wants what she wants when she wants it.


  • Being cuddled into your chest.
  • Her GG (my mum)
  • Being patted on the back – no rubbing allowed!
  • Eating!


  • Diaper changes
  • Sleeping?


Breastfeeding is going well(ish)… NOW. We’re still figuring this thing out together. The first week was HELL ON WHEELS. Oh dear goodness. The nurses were telling me my latch was correct so I kept doing what I was doing in the hospital. However, my strong baby girl managed to make my nipples scab over thus making me wince in pain whenever I would feed her. I saw the lactation consultant one of the days in the hospital and she showed me the right way to latch. It’s been a lesson in perseverance and patience. We’re slowly getting the hang of it. There is no longer any pain when she feeds.

My only problem right now is that I think I have an overactive letdown/oversupply of milk. She often comes up sputtering, choking and seems to be very gassy all of the time. We have to give her gripe water at night just to ensure she is not in any pain. I’ve been block feeding her (giving her one breast for an extended period of time before switching) but I don’t know if it’s working. She seems to be hungry all of the time. She eats every hour and remember that feedings are timed from the start of each feeding so I really only have a half hour between feedings to do anything which usually amounts to nothing!

I’m hoping that she’ll become more efficient with her feedings and start to space them out a tad once her stomach grows. I feel like a milk maid and mama needs a break!


C-Section Recovery

Very slooooowwww… I am still really sore. During the first month I thought my wound had reopened because I randomly started bleeding but was assured it was normal and happens (more on this in another post). I take care of my wound by keeping it clean and then air drying it with a blow dryer. I then put some Polysporin on it and proceed to ruin half of my outfits.

Sometimes I feel like I can do more than I actually can but I end up paying for it later. If I have a full day of being up, down and all around my wound starts to hurt a lot and I’m relegated to the couch by my husband.

Weight ‘Loss’

At 1 month postpartum I am down 28 lbs. That was just baby and water weight. I am not sure what is going to happen from here. I am so anxious to get the all clear so that I can start working out again and really jump start this process. I have been eating like a pig… honestly I feel like I am eating scrapings of crap poured into a trough. Whatever you can think of, I’ve probably eaten it. It’s a miracle I’m even down that much. 994289_10152024331489408_781383431_n

I still look about 4 months pregnant. Something needs to be done about that ASAP.

Sh*t No One Tells You About Postpartum Life (Month 1)

1) A baby can and will use you as a human pacifier. Even if you think you won’t allow it, you will because your baby may not take a pacifier and you may not want to listen to a screaming child all day.

2)  If your nipples scab over, breastfeeding will remove the scabs thus making you bleed. When your baby spits up there will be brown streaks in it and you will think you have already managed to break your baby 2 days in. You haven’t… yet!

3) Breastfeeding poo smells! It is a load of crock that it doesn’t smell, it may not smell in comparison to formula fed babies but you have nothing to compare it to so it will smell and you will blame your husband or partner for the stench radiating from your child’s behind.

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