Culinary Nutrition Expert Program – Week 3


Raw Food Power! Can you believe in all of my food experimenting, I have never once ventured into the world of raw foods? I mean I love a good apple sliced or a crunchy salad but making meals out of raw foods, that is new to me.

The actual raw food module hasn’t been released yet so I decided to do some research on my own to compliment the yummy foods I’ve been eating.

3 Benefits of Consuming Raw Food

1) Eating food in its raw state preserves all of the nutrients contained within the food organism. When you heat food you destroy a host of nutrients that the food carries.

2) One word: Phytonutrients or in my eyes FIGHT ‘O’ NUTRIENTS. Raw foods contain phytonutrients that help promote overall good health. Think of the ‘fight ‘o’ nutrients as little soldiers; they protect your body from cell damage, boost immune system and give you that glow everyone loves.

3) It’s EASY! No cooking required. Food can be ready in a snap.

This week we made: zucchini noodles, raw marinara sauce and walnut ‘unmeat’ balls. Everything was delicious. Even the husband loved it and I thought for sure he would have been a no go. Raw Food Power!!!



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