Culinary Nutrition Expert Program – Week 6


Asian Inspiration Week!

Subsequently, this is also the week that I tried Tempeh for the first time.

What is Tempeh?

Tempeh is made from soybeans that have been fermented with a culture so they form a solid brick of plant-based protein.

Time for the honesty hat. I was quite skeptical of the tempeh from the onset. The look in the package did little to excite me or tempt my tastebuds. However, when I was frying it in the pan it started to smell delicious and I got really excited to try it. When I tried it… it was an instant no go! I am actually kind of sad about it. I wanted to like it, I really did but nothing about it was working for me. Maybe I’ll try it again but I’ll have to build up the courage first.

This week’s recipes included: Citrus Tempeh, Sweet Potato Arame Salad and Nori Rolls (with no rice).

Citrus Tempeh


Sweet Potato Arame Salad (I used Wakame)


Nori Rolls


The nori rolls were my absolute favourite. They took a little time to make look pretty but the taste was worth it. I love sushi so this rice-less version was a great paleo option.

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