b2_3 blogI’m Aly and welcome to Everyday Easy Life!

I am a wife, mother, middle school teacher, food lover, weight lifting junkie and lass of the dance!

I started Everyday Easy Life as the ‘grown-up’ version to my old blog in the hopes of resuming right where I left off (fit and full of sass) but what started out as a simple hobby has turned into something bigger than I ever could have imagined.I am now a Culinary Nutrition Expert Candidate and on my way to improving the health of those around me by providing guidance and support in your healthy eating journey.

In 2009 I started documenting my weight loss journey of 65 lbs. Through that journey I started to take an interest in healthy cooking and ways to properly fuel my body. I started slowly revamping old recipes until I got bored and realized I had ideas of my own of things that belonged together in the kitchen. From there I experimented; I tried things, some of which turned out great and others that ended up in the trash. I researched, asked questions and took courses that would better equip me to make recipes as healthy as possible.


I love food and believe it should be enjoyed with the ones you love. My love for food has made me a slave to the kitchen. I can spend hours kneading, mixing, pouring, scraping, grilling, you name it! However, when I gave birth to my daughter in May 2013, the time I once coveted as ‘me time’ was a thing of the past (at least while was an infant). I had to figure out how to whip up healthy meals in a flash so that my husband and I did not resort to ordering pizza every night (I know, I know… don’t get me started).

Everyday Easy Life was meant to help the average person (or superhuman-mom) make quick, simple meals that taste great and offer valuable nutritional benefits to those who eats them. I want to make dinner fun, yummy and good for you all at the same time.

Commencing in 2014, Everyday Easy Life will be offering workshops and meal plans to assist in your transition to an Everyday Easy Life!

For now, please read the blog when you have a minute.

For the love of food…