Birth Story (Part II) – The Princess Edition

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While we were on our walk, I felt a little liquid trickle down my leg. It wasn’t a lot but it was enough that I noticed it. What’s that you say? Why yes, I too believed my water had broken so I went to tell the nurses so they could get my antibiotics started (remember, I was group strep b positive) and they told me that it wasn’t my water breaking (problem numero 2)

After we returned from our walk, my mum arrived at the hospital. I was buckled over in pain but was so happy to see her. I just wanted to collapse into her arms and have her take care of me like I was the baby.

I walked into my room and the anesthetist was in there ready to go. The nurses told NT and my mum to go for a walk while they put the epidural in. I was surprised they weren’t allowed in the room but heard it was for sterilization purposes. They had me sit on the bed facing the wall so they could insert the needle into my back. I had heard such terrible things about the epidural and its pain but it was the easiest part of the entire experience.

I was told by my nurses to get some sleep and I tried but found that I was still breathing through my contractions (problem numero 3). I must have dozed off at some point but was awakened by my nurses who told me it was time to start pitocin to help me progress a little faster. I agreed and had the pitocin started. I was still feeling my contractions fairly strong and kept asking for extra medication. The trainee nurse was fiddling with some buttons (problem numero 4) to help increase my dosage and I foolishly thought this would be the end of it and I could get some rest. Somewhere between dosing off and button pushing I awoke to stronger than ever contractions, this is when they decided to check me out to see what was up. Turns out, my lovely trainee nurse had turned my epidural OFF! *insert huge eye roll here* You want to know what else? The epidural was half way out of my back… *insert two middle fingers and a ginormous f-bomb here*

In any case they finally got things all fixed up just in time for the doctor to come in and check me again. He told me that he wanted to break my membranes (break my water). Guess what he found when he went to break my water? NO WATER, he said my water had already broken *Insert…* Awe hell I don’t even know what to insert, let’s just say I wanted to do some punching… these people get paid to tell me shit I already know? I just can’t…

In any case he let me labour for a while longer only to come back and tell me I was still 4cm and while the baby appeared to be fine (my mum would later tell me otherwise), he wanted to do a c-section as I did not appear to be progressing even with the pitocin. Of all of the birth plans I was willing to concede on, c-section was the one I was dreading. I absolutely did not want one and immediately burst into tears. My mum started crying and NT remained asleep on the couch! hahaha. He awoke to sobs from me and immediately looked excited, worried and confused all at the same time.

I was wheeled into surgery and within 20-25 minutes including prep time, I had welcomed my beautiful baby girl into the world. She was alert and a gorgeous non-jaundiced yellow colour. They got her cleaned up and then they handed her to me to love and cuddle while they wheeled me back into recovery where my mum was waiting. Holding her for the first time was one of the best moments of my life. I don’t know if there is any greater feeling (other than maybe doing that well rested!).