Month 5

Well the 5th month of my pregnancy was a whirlwind!

We bought our first home!!! I am so excited but the entire process was stressful. We did things at lightening speed.

Month 5 I felt more like myself. My cravings started to diminish and my energy certainly picked up

How Big is the Baby?

During month 5, the baby went from the size of an orange to the size of a cantaloupe! What a major growth spurt. I can’t believe that we’re half way through the pregnancy already. I am getting more and more anxious every day. Apparently the baby can hear now which is I think is really cool. I should probably stop swearing soon… my potty mouth is going to get me in trouble or I’m going to end up with a baby whose first word is F*CK. hahahha It’s only funny now because it hasn’t happened yet.

Body Changes

My tummy continues to grow but I think I have officially leveled off in the growth department as it pertains to my other body parts. I’m hit or miss with outfits but when I dress up I feel alright. That’s a lie, I’ve been more miss than hit which is why I have 0 pics from the weeks that make up this month.


Feeling goooood! Far less emotional but probably just as crazy. I have been a little stressed with all of this house stuff but I feel far less worried about baby all of the time. I love being pregnant. I love having this little person inside of me.


Energy is finally back. I feel like myself and it’s a wonderful feeling.


All over the place… it’s a hit or miss type thing too!

What else?

We had our 18 week anatomy scan. The tech said everything looks perfect. We also got to find out the gender! It’s a… GIRL. I couldn’t be any happier about that. I so desperately wanted a girl and I’m so happy that I get to have her and share every mother/daughter milestone together. SO HAPPY!