Month 6

Two-thirds of the way there! Whoooooooo hooooooo!

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Month 6 has seen the onset of what I am calling ‘real’ pregnancy. I now feel everything about being pregnant.

How Big is the Baby?

My principessa has gone from the length of an Eggplant to the length of a Papaya. She’s getting longer and longer and I can feel the evidence everyday. She is sitting pretty low but I am starting to feel kicks, punches and/or headbutts a little higher now. According to all of my apps, she is now basically formed and now it will just be a matter of putting on weight and growing into her newborn size. She looks like a mini baby now. I am so excited. In this stage of pregnancy, the baby has a fighting chance at surviving should she choose to come early. I am hoping and praying this is not the case but the little ray of hope is always reassuring!

Body Changes

HUGE growth spurt. I now am the proud owner of a big round real life preggo belly. It’s absolutely divine. People notice my pregnancy and I love it. I feel like I belong to some sort of special elite club. It’s such a wonderful feeling!


Still feeling pretty good although the irritability is starting to return. I think I’ve just had enough of people imparting their words of wisdom as to how my pregnancy should go or how I should feel or how I should be acting. It’s sooooooo annoying. I wish people would shut the hell up and let me enjoy my pregnancy the way I want to. My husband keeps pulling the whole “Your eyes will get stuck in the back of your head if you keep rolling them like that.”

I also am starting to worry about baby again. Any and everything makes me nervous. I’ll explain more below.


I have more energy than I did in the beginning but I am starting to feel very pregnant already. My body has been known to shut down on me a time or two and pregnancy is no exception.

For whatever reason, I am secreting protein in my urine which could be pre-eclampsia, could be kidney problems, could be a blood pressure thing or could simply be an error. I’ve been testing my urine and now I’m just waiting for the results to see what is going on. My doctor said baby is fine, they are just worried that I could develop hypertension later on. For right now I am gaining the right amount of weight, there is no swelling and my blood pressure is fine which is what makes all of the protein stuff a little odd.

On top of that the cartilage in my ribcage and pubic bone are inflamed. I officially have Symphysis Pubis Dysfunction. My pubic bone has split and the cartilage is inflamed to the point where it hurts to walk. According to my doc, this doesn’t happen til later on in pregnancy but lucky me developed it week 24. It’s painful more when I’m sleeping but I manage to get by but I often look like this…

Photo on 13-01-19 at 2.11 PM #6

The best part about this stage in pregnancy is feeling my baby girl kick. OMG it is by far the best thing in the world. I love when she kicks me. I love talking to her and it’s amazing when she responds to our voices. The other day, Nig decided to use his man voice to bellow into the belly and then he put his ear to my stomach. Our lovely little firecracker promptly kicked him square in the jaw. It was hilarious.

Photo on 13-01-19 at 2.10 PM #5


My face however, oh dear goodness. She has in fact stolen my beauty! I’ve never had pimples and now I have them all over my chin. I have huge dark circles under my eyes and I look a hot mess more often than not sooooo I’ve started wearing makeup. I am obsessed with YouTube videos. I’ve followed a bunch of makeup gurus and now do my makeup on the weekends. During the week I could care less what I look like for my students. It’s not that kind of party. I don’t do foundation or anything but eye makeup, blush and a little lip stuff goes a long long way!

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What I’m Eating

I LOVE EGGS AND CHEESE. OMG I LOVE EGGS AND CHEESE. hahahaha Yes it needed to be said twice. I found out how to make the perfect scrambled eggs and ever since I’ve been hooked. Did you know that you’re supposed to crack the eggs directly into the pan and then scramble them from there? All this time I was whisking in a bowl and pouring into the pan. I was wasting time and dishes. I have now seen the light! I could also eat cheese by the brick load. It’s scary. I actually enjoy all types of cheese. Bagels and cream cheese have also been so clutch right now. YUMMY. Oh man I love food.


I also love hot drinks – decaf orange pekoe tea and hot chocolate are my two favs. Something about tea is so calming and I often need it to get through my days at work with screaming children.





PRENATAL YOGA BABY! Finally registered and Tuesday nights I go and enjoy a relaxing yet challenging class with 5 other lovely pregnant ladies. I love prenatal yoga. It’s nothing like I imagined. I thought it would be more stretching and less actual yoga but we go through modified vinyasas that actually challenge me. I wish I hadn’t waited so long.

What else?

I did my glucose test. It wasn’t as bad as I thought but that orange liquid stuff is no joke. I thought I would enjoy it since I like sugary drinks but it was like orange sugar syrup. It made me feel so yucky after chugging it in 5 min.

My grams will be here until after the baby is born so I’ve taken full advantage of her awesome knitting skills and had her start quite a few things. She finished the first product… not a blanket, those are coming but a cute green and white sweater to pair with some baby jeggings and booties. Can’t wait.


That’s all for this month! Ta ta for now from Mommy and Baby Girl.

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