Month 8

Month 8 and finding my groove!


We had our maternity photos done this month by the amazing Emily Krbec. What’s hilarious is that Emily, her husband, Nigel and I all went to high school together and we didn’t even know until we saw each other! So random but absolutely wonderful. Her photographs are amazing and she did a great job with all of my awkwardness.


How Big is the Baby?

This month the baby went from the size of a pineapple to the size of a coconut. Errr… isn’t a pineapple bigger than a coconut? I’m so confused. The baby’s sleeping and waking schedules are established. This is for sure because every night around 9:00-10:00, she wakes up and starts kicking like crazy! I’m hoping she figures out her days from nights quickly but I fear I may be in for an up all hours of the night situation; my husband is a night owl.

We also had my baby shower this month! It was such a great time. I loved having my family altogether to celebrate the baby girl. I clearly have no idea what I’m doing as it pertains to the showering of gifts so of course I did everything wrong but I had a great time nonetheless.

There isn’t really much to say this month except bring forth my baby! Soooo excited!