Month 9


40 weeks

I no longer walk straight on. I only move from side to side now. I’ve taken up walking a lot more now in the hopes of moving her down and out. I suddenly feel like it’s taking forever. The middle moves so quickly but the beginning and end of pregnancy drag like nobody’s business.

How Big is the Baby?

The baby went from the size of a honeydew to the size of a watermelon and  I certainly feel it. She’s head down and she for sure has dropped quite a bit. At this point I am just so ready for her to be born. I love knowing she is safe in there but I am now just waiting for her to be here.

The picture to the left is me 40 weeks pregnant on the dot. My due date of April 30th came and went without so much as a peep from baby.


Part of me doesn’t believe I’m seriously going to have a baby any day now. It doesn’t seem real. I’m so excited but the other part of me is starting to get really nervous now that I know it’s real. What am I going to do with a real person? AHHHH

It’s funny because all I can think about this month is who she is going to look like. I can’t even picture her face anymore the way I did in the early months of pregnancy. Every time I draw it’s just a blurred image of a tiny baby. I really really just want to see her face and bond with my baby.

Body Changes

During this 9th month I’ve started losing weight while the baby is gaining weight. I have no clue what’s up… This kid is just over 8 lbs the last time we checked not too long ago. I think my body is just sick of being heavy so it’s starting the process for me. We’ll see how that actually goes when I have my hands full with a newborn. I’m basically embarking on my journey all over again.

I am in so much pain as it pertains to my chest and pelvis. Both are on fire constantly and I need her out just so my body can start healing! Enough already!

I just want my baby out and my body back. Let’s goooooooooooo