Week 13

There is not much to say this week… no new changes. Just anxiously waiting…

How Big is the Baby?

The baby is as big as a PEACH! Not much change this week.

Peaches are out of season and all I could find was a massive peach that looked more like a grapefruit.

“Your uterus may be big enough now to show the world that you’re expecting, but your baby is still tiny — about the size of half a banana. Despite her small proportions, you’d see a fully formed baby complete with unique fingerprints if you could look inside your womb now.”

Oh I have a belly but I’ve had a food baby for a while now so I can’t really tell the difference.

Body Changes

More of the same… fat fat fat. I do not feel good at all. I feel like nothing I wear is attractive. I need a prayer and some new clothes.


Better but irritable still…

I do, however, feel much more relaxed now that the first trimester is over (or basically over) depending on how you look at it. I so just want my kiddo to get here.


Feeling so much better now that I’ve entered the second trimester. I feel like a real person again. Morning sickness has mostly subsided although I’ve had a few mornings where I’ve felt a tad ill.

What I’m Eating

PIZZAAAA I had lots of pizza this week.

I also had some cooked sushi. It was friggin amazing. I love sushi more than I can say. I can’t wait to have raw fish again.

This week I was craving everything I couldn’t have: a medium-rare steak, raw-fish sushi, an egg over easy and a cocktail. OMG even just typing it is making my mouth water.

I have been eating better though (besides the pizza). Breakfast has been an egg in some way – breakfast burrito, breakfast sandwich, omelet, scrambled etc and then a smoothie on the side. Right now I cannot get enough of smoothies. I make them every morning. Enjoying them so much. I’ve also started packing my lunch again. I feel really good about it. It was getting out of hand the amount of money I was spending heading out for lunch.


I teach dance for two periods (72 minutes each) once a week so I’m counting that as one. I also made an effort to do some strength training this week with my own heavy body weight. Something is better than nothing. I still need to step it way up though!

What else?

My doctor is a nincompoop. I had to get the blood work portion of my IPS tests done and she wrote IPS 2 on both of my sheets when one should have said 1 so I went all the way to get blood work done only to be told I had the wrong sheets. Made me think I’d grabbed the wrong sheets only to realize it wasn’t my error. I already think I’m crazy… I don’t need additional help.
Oooo I also had my first prenatal massage this week. It was delightful. My RMT is also a doula so I’m going to speak to her about how we can work together. At this point in time I don’t foresee myself having a non-medicated birth. My primary goal is to deliver vaginally and that’s about it. I more want my doula postpartum so I’m going to see how we can facilitate that. She said I am carrying a lot of tension in my traps which is what is causing me to have so many headaches. She showed Nig a few techniques that he can do with me at home to help in between visits. He’s been great at offering those when he can. He’s been working like a dog so he really doesn’t have much time right now. I am thankful for the extra money he is bringing in.