Week 14

I feel like the weeks are moving ever so slowly. I feel like I’m in this weird limbo of second trimester. This week, I wish there was a way to shrink my arms and thighs while maintaining the health of my baby and letting my stomach continue to grow. LOL Am I irrational or what?

How Big is the Baby?

The baby is as big as a Lemon! Getting looonger!

“Hair is big news this week! Your baby is growing lots of it, not only on his head and brows but all over his body. This is covered in an ultrafine down, called lanugo, which usually disappears before birth. Some muscles are starting to work too. This week your baby can grasp, squint, frown, grimace and even suck his thumb”

This may explain my heartburn…

Body Changes

Bought a beautiful white maxi dress which I plan to use for my maternity photos. It’s so gorgeous… a faux wrap dress and it actually fits my 5’8″ frame. I know it’s probably just me but I feel like my weight is making me shrink. I feel shorter. I feel short and round. More irrational thinking in 3… 2… Perhaps all the weight on my body is squishing me downward? Do you get what I’m saying? No? Just crazy talk? Pray for me.


Tuesday marked 14 weeks and it started off with the remnants of Hurricane Sandy which didn’t do too much damage here in Ontario. It definitely did damage just not as bad as the U.S. but I digress… I was hoping for a rain day so I could stay home and sleep because I had originally planned to take the day off but like an idiot I didn’t. As a result I woke up cranky as usual and super tired. I must say though, I feel like my workplace is full of rude people. I can’t count how many times I’ve cried in my portable this year. I am so looking forward to my mat leave.

Also, I love my hubs to bits and pieces but I do not like being touched. I also feel easily bothered still.


A little more energy but I think because my job requires me to be on all day, I am zonked by the end of the day. I cannot keep up. I try to stay awake and go to bed at a decent hour but I cannot keep my eyes open. I always end up napping.

I’m still feeling a little too large for my liking. It doesn’t help that I’ve been watching other pregnancy vlogs and every one is talking about how much they’re showing and I look at them and can hardly see anything. My bump is quite obvious and to be honest, I think it’s more food than anything.

I’ve also started to get heartburn. It started toward the end of last week but it seems here to stay now. I can’t figure out what foods cause it. It’s so random.

What I’m Eating

Still having a daily morning smoothie.

I haven’t been eating a lot of fruit but so far I’ve had a mango and really enjoyed it. Wait, I’ve been drinking smoothies… hahahhahaa SEE IDIOT. There is fruit in my smoothies. I have been getting more than enough fruit.


  • Subway Turkey Sandwich with Ranch Sauce and lots of Veggies (Never happened ’cause I don’t like my subs toasted and they’d have to heat my meat.)
  • One of my kids had a hot dog for lunch and suddenly it was on! I needed a hot dog right then and there.
  • White hot chocolate from Tim Hortons watered down with 1% milk
  • Sushi


  • mixed green salads (still taste like grass)


… that is all

What else?

My grandma is up from Nova Scotia so we’re going to get some yarn this week so she can start knitting my baby blanket.
We heard the baby’s heartbeat for the first time this week. It was very exciting. I’m finally seeing my OBGYN and I really like her. She’s friendly and totally gets me.