Week 9

Whoooo hooooo BABYYYYYYYYYY!!!!

How Big is the Baby?

This week, the baby is as big as a GRAPE! It says green grape but I’ve got some pretty comparable sized red grapes… plus they taste better.

Your baby weighs under 10g — a fraction of an ounce — but is poised for rapid growth. All the body parts are now present, including arms, legs, eyes, genitals and other organs, though they’re not yet fully formed.

Look at my little muffin go! We’ve got body parts… grow baby grow!
What I’m Eating
Food wise I’ve been on a huge Italian kick – veal sandwiches, pasta, pizza… you name it! We likey. One of my co-workers brought me homemade lasagna with sauce that her father-in-law made. OMG I wanted to run to her house and grab the pan. I feel like my appetite is outrageous at the moment. I’m just waiting for it to settle down and go back to some sense of normalcy.
What’s Up?

We had our Ultrasound on Friday at 9 weeks and 4 days. I guzzled a litre of water before going in for the ultrasound as directed. I was so nervous I couldn’t even think straight. I do remember that there were a bunch of crazies in there yelling out stupid things in the waiting room. I thought I had walked into the wrong place.

It was finally time to go in and Nig was running late as usual. I went into the room and was just hoping for good news. I just wanted a strong heartbeat and the reassurance that everything was okay. Nig showed up just in the nick of time.

The tech immediately told us that everything looks great! The baby’s heart rate was strong and he or she was right on track for my LMP which is 9 weeks and 3 days! YAY BABY!

I was so relieved and happy. Ugh I couldn’t believe it was actually there.